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Jesus asks all believers to care for others and share our faith.

These two activities are priorities for us at St. Paul’s. In addition to what you may take on as an individual, there are also special projects we collectively participate in as a congregation.

If one of the below ministries is something you are passionate about or want to get involved with, please contact us.

Local Outreach

Food bank SPOTH.png
Backpacks Homless SPOTH.png

Backpacks for the Homeless

Backpacks SPOTH.png

Backpacks for School

Hampers SPOTH.png

Christmas Hampers

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Durham Region HIV and AIDS Ministry

Easter food distribution

Adult Shelter clothing support program

National and International Outreach

Christmas Shoe Boxes (Samaritan's Purse)

Wycliffe College - Theological Fund

Support for the Diocese of the Arctic



Short Term Mission teams:

Guatemala  2011 [Antigua] - House construction

India (Calcutta) 2011 [Sisters of Charity] - Children's and Hospice ministries

Kenya (Nairobi) 2011

[Rafiki] - Ministry with Children affected by HIV / AIDS

[Day Love] - Ministry with Street Children

[Hope House] - Ministry with orphans

[All Saints Diocese] - Medical and Dental Clinics in Kibira community

Kenya (Bungoma) 2011 - Development of 4 new elementary school libraries

Tanzania (Tarime) 2011 - Church Construction / Funding Women's Entrepreneurial initiatives.

Uganda (Lira) 2011 

Support for the Anglican Cathedral Project

Support for the Rev. Doug Willoughby's Mission to those affected by HIV / AIDS.

Haiti 2011 - Supporting house construction through the Arms of Jesus Mission.

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