Matthew 5:14

Letter Art: Elizabeth S.

A Word About Us

As a people who live as the light of Christ;


our mission is to reach out in word and deed to meet the spiritual and physical needs of those around us, with Jesus as our example.​

As a people who are growing in faith and love;

our mission is to strengthen each other in our Christian walk through Bible study, sharing testimonies, prayer and the sacraments. We actively participate in our spiritual growth and the nurturing of each other as we journey in faith together.​

As a people who find our source in God;


we realize we can not accomplish anything of lasting value unless we are living and working under the guidance of God, through the Holy Spirit.We seek that guidance through regular prayer and meditation on His word.

Our Worship

We offer a variety of Worship styles, from Charismatic Praise to Traditional Hymns. We follow the Liturgical Calendar of the Anglican Church of Canada and progress through the Church Seasons each Sunday. 

Our Message may follow the theme of the Liturgical Season, or it may follow a specific theme laid out by our Ministry Team.

Growing in Faith,

Rooted in Christ

Life can be difficult, but you don't have to go it alone.
At St. Paul's on-the-Hill, or affectionately known as SPOTH, we are a family united by Christ journeying together. As a community, we serve one another and stand with one another to build a better future for all. As we grow in our faith together we remind ourselves that Christ is at the centre of it all.


Our Diocese

Our church is a part of the Diocese of Toronto which is under the Anglican Church of Canada



At St. Paul's, we hold our Annual General Meeting, or Vestry, for the members of St. Paul's on the Hill. This meeting gives an overview of the year previous, our financial records, and the budget for the year ahead. Important decisions that need approval from the greater congregation are discussed and voted in. It is usually held in February each year.

This year it was held on Sunday, February 23

after the 11 AM service time.

Next Vestry will be held on Sunday, February 28, 2021.

All parish members of St. Paul's on-the-Hill are welcome to join 

this important meeting.

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