Christmas Hampers

2020 Christmas Hamper Program


What's it all about?

The Christmas Hamper Program is an outreach program that has been run by St. Paul’s On-the-Hill for 25+ years.  We work with the St. Paul’s On-the-Hill Community Food Bank to support their clients with donations of extra food and gifts at Christmas time.   Sponsors for the program, include individuals, families, friends, schools, organizations, and corporations.  For years they have given generously to our community through the Christmas Hamper Program. 


With Covid-19 upon us, the needs of families in our community, and the demand on the Food Bank, have grown substantially.  However health and safety protocols require we make changes to this year's Christmas Hamper Program and we really need your help.   This year we plan to support about 180 families through gifts of gift cards.  These can be delivered safely to the clients and then used by the clients to purchase necessities and gifts at Walmart and Loblaws stores.  Our focus at the 2020 Christmas Hamper program is to continue supporting the needs of our community this year as much as possible.



















How can I help?

We are asking for financial contributions so that the organizing team at the Christmas Hamper Program 2020 can purchase gift cards.  We are also asking for donations of Walmart and Loblaws gift cards.  All donations of money and gift cards are due by November 13, 2020.

Here's how we can safely accept donations:


By Mail:  Make cheques out to St. Paul’s On-the-Hill Anglican Church, 882 Kingston Road, Pickering, Ontario L1V 1A8.  It is imperative that you reflect “Christmas Hampers” on both the envelope and on the cheque itself so the funds get directed to the Christmas Hamper program. Please include your mailing address and name for tax receipt purposes. Tax receipts cannot be given for gift cards but they can be mailed to the church.


etransfer:  Make them out to The answer to the security question should be “donation”.  Again, it is extremely important that “Christmas Hampers” is reflected in the remarks field on the etransfer.  Don’t forget to include your name and address information for tax purposes. If there is no space in the etransfer notes area for all of this, send us this contact information by email at .


Help us stay organized:  After you make your donation, please send us a quick email at to let us know the amount of your donation so we can quickly track the donations coming in. 


Thank you for supporting the needs of our community through the 2020 Christmas Hamper program.  This year, your help is needed more than ever.

With regards,

Elaine Phipps, Coordinator 416-617-4507

Caroline Honsberger, Coordinator 416-726-6568

Christmas Hamper Program 2020

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