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2022 ST. PAUL'S on-the-Hill

Congratulations and best wishes to the following students who are recipients of the St. Paul’s Youth Achievement Scholarship, 2022, and will begin their post-secondary education in September:


  • Teresa Bowman

  • Paige Ramjist

  • Kathryn Scott

  • Lauren Smillie


We held a small, delightful presentation ceremony at our church after the 10 a.m. service on August 7th. Thank you to Canon Stephanie, Pastor Matthew, and Mr. Bruce Hampson, for representing the clergy and wardens at this event. 

We are extremely proud of our recipients. These students exemplify passion, outstanding academic achievement, and high levels of leadership and volunteerism in the community.  In addition, they participate eagerly in their local church congregations.  To date, we have presented fifty scholarships to students from Pickering and Ajax, as they prepared to enter university.  Please view the photographs of the ceremony included on the website, compliments of Mr. Bill Bradbury, our Audio/Visual Co-ordinator and Trainer.


The Scholarship Committee would like to show appreciation to those who donated to the fund in the last year. Kudos to the professionals on the Independent Selection Committee who volunteer their time to evaluate the applications.  Thanks also to our clergy, wardens and members of the congregation, who assist us in various ways.


As we celebrate our fifteenth anniversary of this program, we are proud of all recipients of the local scholarships and international bursaries.  Best wishes to past and current recipients as they continue studies, pursue their careers and follow their dreams! 



SPOTH Scholarship Committee – Marilyn Sinclair, Marg Jocz


Scripture Reference printed on Bursary Form:

"How can I repay the Lord for all his goodness to me." Psalm 116:12


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