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Youth Ministry

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   SPOTH Youth Ministry 

St. Paul's on the Hill offers Youth Ministry for Grades 7-12. The youth team are committed to walking alongside the teenagers, answering tricky questions and life challenges through fellowship, love, prayers, and truth. We believe this is a crucial time for faith formation and a life changer. 

On Sundays  - Sermon Series

The youth program begins at the church at the 10 am service. The teenagers will stay in the church up until the reading of the scripture and move to the Board Room upstairs for a time of learning, discussion, prayer, games, friendship, and food. 

Special Events 

Once a month, the Youth Ministry will have a special event, i.e., retreat, conference, serving the community, etc. 


Friday Nights 

Once or twice a month, the teenagers will meet on Friday nights for a fun-filled night of games, studies, and meaningful friendship.  

We welcome and invite everyone from all walks of life to join us. All are welcome! I am looking forward to seeing you.  

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Esther Laiman 

Registration/Permission and Consent Form

Please complete and submit a registration/permission and consent form for our records. 

Click here for registration/permission and consent form

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