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Let St. Paul's on-the-Hill administer your family’s ceremonies properly, and give them the grace they deserve. Through sacraments, members of the community have an opportunity to express their eternal love towards God. Holy Sacraments are a great way for people to step out of their daily lives and remind themselves that they are still believers. Be in touch with us today and swing by for a visit.



First Communion


Beginning the Journey of Faith

St. Paul's on-the-Hill performs Baptisms for infants, children, and adults.


Recieving the Bread and Wine

First Communion is the next step in continuing the journey of Faith with Jesus. Young children will learn what this important Sacrament means to them.

Confirming Your Faith

Confirmation is about confirming the choice of Baptism you had as an infant or child. It's bringing your faith to life and learning the deeper meaning of what it is to be a Christian.

First Communion

Continuing the Journey Together

Let St. Paul's on-the-Hill be the place where you commit to one another through the union of Holy Matrimony. We provide a variety of accommodations to make your day perfect. 

A Holy Ceremony

Healing services are an important part of every Christian's life. We offer services that are specialized in prayer and healing throughout each month.

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A Celebration of Life

The life of a loved one is to be honoured and cherished. At St. Paul's on the Hill, we help you to celebrate the life of that person with the dignity and respect they deserve.


Divine Healing



Wedding Funeral
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