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Develop your faith in open and welcoming Bible Studies

From learning the roots of the Bible, to engaging in discussions on relevant issues, St Paul's Learning Courses have something for everyone.

We offer both Women's and Men's Bible Studies, as well as mixed groups.


Previously Featured:

The Alpha Course - an introduction to basic Christianity. The course in an opportunity to explore the meaning of life and has been presented worldwide.

The Marriage Enrichment Course- the course, while based on Christian principles, is very helpful for any couple with or without a Christian faith or church background.

2nd Peter- Precept Upon Precept Study - this course was a continuation of a previous study of Peter's letters and involved lively discussion and a DVD each week, bringing a clearer picture of the wonderful future that God has planned for us.

Daniel: Lives Of Integrity, Words Of Prophecy, by Beth Moore - this study dealt with Daniel's life as he faced the kinds of pressures and temptations that Christians encounter today.

Knowing the Bible 101, Old testament and Knowing the Bible II, New Testament - these two courses were perfect for anyone who wished to widen their knowledge of the Bible and to familiarize themselves with the "big picture" in an enjoyable, friendly environment. (Owen Murray led both courses.)

Vertically Inclined: Climbing Higher With God, by Mary Kassian - this Bible study course challenged individuals to scale seven spiritual summits that would take them to new heights in their spiritual relationships with God.

The Book of James (Precept Upon Precept) - participants studied and drew from scripture an understanding that strengthened their daily walks with the Lord.

Grief Share - is a 13 week seminar and support croup for men and women who have experienced bereavement. It's a place where participants can be around people who understand what they are feeling. It's a place where each can hear valuable information about ways to heal from grief. Each session included a video presentation and small group discussion. (Jan Couto and Rev. Paul Scuse were facilitators.)

The Way of The Cross - this course was a basic introduction to the major theological pillars of the Christian faith. Sessions were written by outstanding Christian leaders and were designed to help each participant discover the riches of scripture and the joy of following Jesus.

Advent Bible Study Course - this course emphasized fellowship and included a dinner and celebration of Epiphany.

Divorce Care - this is a support group for those recently separated or divorced. This is the second time we have run this course. The 13 weeks consists of time to listen to videos of experts in the field of divorce recovery and some time of sharing and support. This year the group is composed entirely of people who are not connected to St. Paul's. It is a form of outreach into the community.

Members of the congregation are encouraged to suggest topics of interest for inclusion in future courses offered.

For more information please contact The church Administrator at 905- 839-7909