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What does it mean to be a member at St. Paul’s?


While St. Paul’s on-the-Hill Ministry Team works hard to facilitate the spiritual growth of its members and to provide for their pastoral care, the church has a certain trust that it's members live according to Jesus' teachings.

Weekly worship


The centre of our life together is our worship together on Sunday. This is where we are nourished and strengthened in our faith.

Daily prayer and Bible devotions

Our worship flows out of our daily walk with the Lord as we spend time with Him reading the Bible and in prayer.

Ordering our lives according to the example of Jesus


As disciples of Jesus we are to conform our lives to His example and the instructions given to us in the Bible.

Giving witness of the faith through word and example


We are called to bring others to the faith both through our example and through our spoken witness.

Participation in the life of the church and the use of your ministry gifts

Every Christian is given spiritual gifts and is expected to engage in the work of the church. It is important that as we grown in our faith we take our place in the work of the ministry.

Financial tithing to make it possible

At St. Paul’s we follow the Biblical model of tithing to make possible the work of the church in this community, mission work around the world, and the care of the poor & disadvantaged

(from ”Rule of Life” BCP page 555).

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